May 2017 Board Minutes

04/3/17, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani

Management Association: Sally Mooney

  • Landscape
    • Monument is fixed
    • Sign to be painted ($1100)
    • Landscape replacement to complete this week ($2500)
  • Social
    • Signs will be updated with pool open dates, assessments past due, and Spring reminders
  • Tennis
    • Resurface
  • Clubhouses
    • New signage for cameras
    • Back clubhouse roof repair complete
  • Pool
    • Repairs to expansion joints, drained and acid wash complete
    • Additional items requested by United Pools
  • Amenity Areas
    • Park area trash overflowing – working with WM and Roots to improve pickup rates.
  • Misc
Next meeting: June 7

April 2017 HOA Board minutes

04/012/17, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Mike Pons, Tara Healey

Management Association: Sally Mooney

  • Cherokee Sheriff & WPD presentation
    • WPD and CSO presented information on Neighborhood watch (County) and Nation of Neighbors (WPD)
    • Nation of Neighbors is awareness tool
      • 911 for anything of ‘urgency’ not just emergencies — essentially if it’s more important than an email use 911 (same folks would handle as non-emergency)
      • officer call-backs often come in from blocked numbers FYI
    • We can join NW via the CSO
    • WPD can charge with trespass after hours at the amenities with BHOA approval
  • Landscape
    • Monument fixed — for $1700
    • Landscaping to be restored
    • Discussed additional landscape changes at pocket park
  • Social
    • Easter Egg hunt -4/15, 10am
  • Tennis
    • Tennis lockbox requires repair
  • Clubhouses
    • Signage required for cameras per police
    • Back clubhouse roof repair
    • Comcast to install into back clubhouse
  • Pool
    • Repairs to expansion joints, drained and acid wash
  • Amenity Areas
    • New bench at Basketball court
    • New bench at park.
    • Discussing replacement of older benches.
    • Parking repaving next week
  • Misc
    • Spring mailer, pool info mailer
Next meeting: May 3rd

March-April Brookshire Banner is available

The March-April edition of the Brookshire Banner is available on and soon in your mailbox.  Thanks as always to Tara Healy for producing it.


Board Meeting Minutes – March 2017

03/01/17, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Mike Pons, Tara Healey

Management Association: Sally Mooney

  • Landscape
    • Entrance monument
    • Insurance – insurance engineer is inspecting based on repair proposals we received
    • Landscape replacement —  list of items to address for review by board
    • Discussed options for improvement in pocket parks and playground at back pool; soliciting design ideas from TSW
  • Social
    • Easter Egg hunt -4/15, 10am
  • Tennis
    • Courts 1 & 2 cracking, done in 2014 — NW end, red ants
    • Courts 5 & 6 — trees to be cut back
    • Kids tennis coach resigned; no clinics going forward
    • Light timers turn off at 11pm.
  • Clubhouses
    • Paving parking lots — to be scheduled and notices provided
    • Pressure wash and Painting by Norm Potter — to be scheduled and notices provided
  • Pool
    • Discussed installation of charcoal grills in pool areas; placement TBD
    • Contract with new pool management company — United
      • Provide new pool rules to company
  • Amenity Areas
    • Benches ordered for basketball area (2nd week of March) – Kleins to construct.
    • WPD advises signage with specific legal verbiage posted at parks which would give WPD ability to arrest/cite w/o approval of association first — and forbid overnight parking at back pool and pocket parks (allowing at front pool)
    • Electricity at pocket park  – trying to get answers if we can access electrical from there
  • Comms
    • Spring newsletter is due
    • Sally reviewed spring HOA letter with ACC
  • Misc
    • hosting renewed for two years
    • domain to renew in Oct.
    • POA amendment — still collect
    • Neighborhood Watch committee meeting – to be scheduled
  • Compliance report
  • Closings
  • Financials
Next meeting: April 12

From the HOA: Thefts from cars

WPD tells us that some residents have had property stolen from cars left unlocked and where valuables were unsecured.  Please, always lock your car and take any unsecured valuables with you.

The board is working with WPD to help identify suspects.


Thank you.

HOA Board meeting minutes – February 2017

02/08/17, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Mike Pons, Tara Healey

Management Association: Sally Mooney

  • Security Camera Vendor on site
    • Discussed additional placement options and locations, including side park.
    • Need to add signage for cameras, per police
  • Pool
    • Board voted to go with new pool management company and cancel agreement with last year’s vendor
    • discussed potential alterations/adjustments to rules
  • Landscaping
    • Entrance monument repair
      • Have estimates (ranging from replace to repair), including another incoming this week
      • pulling in neighbors with commercial construction experience for info
      • $2k deductible for insurance, will file
    • To request city to adjust gate on fire road on pocket park.
    • Add signage about trespassing/vehicles
  • Social events
    • Easter egg hunt is next up  – date TBD
    • Discussing other options as well
  • Tennis
    • Court Screens in back courts — reviewing; thought had fixed.
    • $1860.50 income in 2016 from tennis academy
    • Tennis water fountain is leaking
  • Amenities
    • Purchasing two benches for basketball courts
    • Getting input on landscape architecture for front park and monument
  • Clubhouse + fence pressure washing and painting
    • Front and back — negotiating
  • Parking lots
    • Clean and seal coat parking lots  —
  • Exterminator
    • needed for front clubhouse area
  • N/A

Next meeting: March 1

Monthly Board Meeting – November 2016

11/2/16, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Mike Pons

Management Association: Sally Mooney

  • Arc committee discussed repairs of entrance monument.
    • Need additional quotes, have one from original builder
    • Original bricks used are now specialty items
    • Will need to go through insurance to rebuild
  • Landscaping
    • ARC notes we need to grind the stumps of the removed trees
    • Holiday lights being installed starting 11/2
  • Clubhouse
    • Switching Alarm providers
    • HVAC Servicing to be scheduled
  • Pool
    • Pool Rules — Committee to review before Spring
    • New furniture Tarps to arrive in a few weeks
  • Voting/proxies
    • Input on what may help increase meeting turnout
    • Reminder: POA Consent form is on the website
  • 2017 Budget approved

Next meeting: Dec 7

ALERT: Missing Neighbor

Kenneth Boland, Age 82 is missing.

He was last seen October 13 in the neighborhood.

If you seen him, please contact the Woodstock Police Department at 678-493-4080Kenneth Boland

Converting from an HOA to a POA

The Brookshire Board has added an informational page on the Board’s recommendation that Brookshire convert from an HOA to a he Property Owners Association. The page is found here:, and is linked off the home page.

Please check it out and send any questions (and completed consent forms) to the HOA Board.  The board email is Your vote and input are needed.





September 2016 BHOA Meeting

9/7/16, 7pm


Board Members: Chuck Blevins, Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Tara Healy, Mike Pons

Management Association: Sally Mooney


  • Public input
    • Robert Riend (sp?) — Neighbor who went through this in prior neighborhood provided some pointers on issues to look for in terms of legal outline
      • Filed in Cobb (Cherokee) – need to resend letter
    • Clayton Simmons — Questions about financials.  Suggests we get cancelled checks. Internal financial control.
  • Financial controls
    • Continuing with prior board discussion and Mr. Simmons reinforcement the board agreed to schedule regular in depth reviews beyond monthly statements.
  • Traffic
    • Board to draft formal letter to City, GDOT regarding safety issues at 575 overpass intersection – accidents and near accidents.
    • Members speaking with city and county public works staff.
  • Landscaping
    • Board approved posts and chains at side park; posts installed next week.
    • Washout at front clubhouse to be fixed next week.
    • Entrance damage from car crash, board still attempting to get police report (have made repeated contact).
  • Social
    • 9/10 is adult social – Superhero theme
  • Pools
    • Back pool is now closed
    • Front pool closes 9/26
  • Clubhouse
    • Checking on back alarm setup still an issue.
    • Security cameras have been installed.
  • Playground
    • Equipment install date is 9/12; closed for 36 hours (caution tape will be in place)
    • Schedule posts to alert folks that it’s closed at later dates
  • Tennis
    • Have  received $614 fees from Academy to date
      • Will have coach in to see status for Fall
    • Timer installation for courts approved.
  • Annual meeting
    • Town Hall meeting at front clubhouse on 9/14
    • Tentative date for meeting 10/26, (may be adjusted at 9/14 date to allow 30-day notice)