Monthly HOA Meeting – April 2019

  • Public session
    • CMA Transition
      • Still require sending of some assets to Homeside
    • Financials
      • Replacement fund status: $100,012.32 (still incoming from CMA, will change)
      • Operating fund: $92,648.73
    • Aging Report
      • no update
    • ARC
      • Updating process to utilize the portal
      • Chuck to define processes and document for neighbors
    • Landscape
    • Violations
      • Updates to the process for violation notifications
        • Letter 1: You may be aware, but if not please resolve within 10 days
        • Letter 2: (if not resolved): You have 14 days to resolve or you will be fined
        • Letter 3: (if not resolved): You are now being fined until resolution made
      • Homeside spent several hours surveying neighborhood and provided a robust list of violations. Letters pending.
    • Pool
    • Social Events
      • June 22 – Spring Fling
    • POA Amendment
      • On-going
      • Signed signatures provided to Homeside by CMA
    • Amenities Update
      • Have quotes to powerwash monuments and amenities
    • Comms
    • Misc
      • Next meeting May 1, 7:30pm
  • Exec Session
    • Legal Status report
    • Compliance report
    • Closings
    • Financials

BHOA & Homeside Properties kick-off

Attendees: Blevins, Healy, Kashani, Klein, Pons, and potential community managers and management of Homeside



Homeside will take over management in April


Expectations: Steve

  • The biggest issue is communications and resident customer service
  • Timely payment of vendors, reimbursement for expenses
  • Being 17+-year-old community, we are facing age issues with homes, mailboxes, and facilities.
  • Upkeep of yards, mailboxes, paint, power washing, etc. has been highlighted by neighbors as needing more oversight.
  • Processes to ensure better self-service and transmission of ACC and other forms/requests, notifications
    • Customer service line for Homeside is centralized, not focused on manager
  • Voting – has been impossible to reach 2/3 turnout minimum; options?

Plans: Homeside

  • Twice a month on-site
  • HOA Now — an online portal for homeowners
  • BOD reports – financials, sales, infractions, open work orders, open ACC requests monthly (and online)
  • Customer service line for Homeside is centralized, not focused on manager
  • What they need from us
    • communications
    • parameters


  • Spring Fling – meet and greet with new manager, committees, with hotdogs, etc.
  • Before pictures and next year after pictures to show how the neighborhood has improved under new managment

March 2019 HOA Board Meeting

Attending: Blevins, Healy, Kashani, Klein, Pons

Public Session

  • Arch Committee sync with the board
    • Processed applications and updates and reviewed any missing or delayed requestors.
  • Management Association transition
    • 30-day termination notice provided to CMA
    • April 1st start with new company: Homeside Properties
    • Initial meetings with Homeside management rep next week
    • Transfer will continue over the next 30 days.
  • Tennis
    • fix windscreens
    • fix nets
    • replace rollers

Feb 2019 Board Meeting

Present: Pons, Kashani, Klein, Healy, Blevins

Public Agendaa

  • Management Company Interview
    • Interviewed 2nd candidate company

Jan. 2019 HOA Board Meeting

Present: Klein, Kashani, Healy, Blevins; Absent: Pons


  • CMA
    • Interviewing new reps for neighborhood and board
    • Access to VMS and SmartWebs (enables automatic emails on issues)
  • Amenities
    • Amenities — get spring Checklist (pressure wash monuments; february pre emergents)
    • Fencing is broken on entry way to right.
    • Decorations – To come down
  • Social
    • Easter Egg hunt is up next
  • Comms
    • Creating email address for issues/violation
    • Looking at email newsletter software

Nov 2018 BHOA Meeting

Association Business

  • Landscape
    • Limbing trees 2nd week in Nov
    • Irrigation to be shut off
  • Social Events
    • Cookies with Santa, Dec 8
  • POA amendment
    • Tracking sheet updated
  • Amenities update
    • Tennis
      • programCourt repairs
      • Bathroom/storage cleanout
    • Non-residents amenity usage
      • Drafting official notice to Park 9 apartments for unauthorized amenity use by their residents
      Basketball courts to replace back courts
      • Community manager getting pricing
  • 2019 Pool Season RFP
    • to be sent to various providers
  • 2019 Budget Review
    • Reserve projects recommended to be complete in 2019 – $39,655
  • Communications
    • 2018 Annual meeting – 12/4/2018

Executive Session

  • Legal Status report
  • Compliance Report
  • Closings
  • Financials

Vote November 6th

Don’t forget to vote in this year’s elections. Voter registration and information can be found at and

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October 2018 Board Meeting

Present: Klein, Kashani, Healy, Pons, Blevins
Community rep: Seipel

Regular Business

  • Fall flowers installed 10/23
  • Tree pruning Halloween week
  • Irrigation leak by the back courts fixed (irrigation will be shut off in Nov)
  • Many complaints about unkempt yards
  • winter hot chocolate movie night?
  • Court windscreen replaced
  • Court 5&6 has windscreen down
  • Bathroom
    • Roof repaired
    • Storage close cleaning scheduled
    • Bathrooms and water will be winterized and water turned off during winter
  • Acquire a new pro for lessons/camps/intensives
    • Fees for outside users to maintain?
Clubhouse 2019 projects
  • Paint front clubhouse interior
  • Replace countertops
  • Replace bathroom dividers (front and back); replace shower elements and curtains (improve lighting?)
  • HIde monument electrical conduit
  • Replace water fountain at the front
  • front fixtures replace
  • 2019 projects
    • repair back fence
    • Stain front pergola and replace lightings
  • Get 3 bids for the upcoming season
  • HOA meetings will now be held at 7:30 pm the first Tuesday of each month; beginning Nov 6

Executive Session

Legal status report

HOA Board launches official Facebook page

The Brookshire HOA board has created, a new official Facebook page for information and communication from the HOA Board. As a result, we will no longer be posting updates to the unofficial Brookshire Neighborhood page, hosted by a resident.

Please follow the new Facebook page or visit for HOA and Neighborhood news and info.

At this time we do not plan to have discussions on the page. You can email the board from the page with any questions or concerns.