HOA Board launches official Facebook page

The Brookshire HOA board has created https://www.facebook.com/BrookshireWdstk, a new official Facebook page for information and communication from the HOA Board. As a result, we will no longer be posting updates to the unofficial Brookshire Neighborhood page, hosted by a resident.

Please follow the new Facebook page or visit www.brookshirehoa.com for HOA and Neighborhood news and info.

At this time we do not plan to have discussions on the page. You can email the board from the page with any questions or concerns.


August 2018 Brookshire Board Meeting

Attending: Klein, Kashani, Blevins, Healy, Pons

Neighborhood rep: Siepel

Public Business

  • Landscape
    • Mulch applied: $13,000
    • Large grass cut back, Junipers cut back
    • Weed treatment to be applied in Sept.
  • Insurance renews 11/18
  • Social Events
    • Yard of the Month
      • Monthly award and $50 gift card
    • End of summer pool party – check sent
    • Adult Social — Sept 29
  • Tennis
    • Court repairs
      • Light post repair pending
      • Windscreen replacement  estimates:
        • 1&2 = $1835
        • 3&4 = $1210
  • Clubhouse
    • Liability waiver sent to Hunter
    • Rental income through August: $4,470
  • Pool Season update
    • Front pool exit button replaced
    • Pool closed 7/31 for weather
    • Pool closes after fall break.
  • Communications
    • Official neighborhood facebook page created: https://www.facebook.com/BrookshireWdstk
    • Will transition notices from unofficial page to this later in the week
    • Survey update to be summarized and distributed to the board last week in Aug.

Executive Session

  • Compliance Report
  • Closings (5)



July 2018 Brookshire Board Meeting

Present: Blevins, Healy, Klein, Pons

CMA Rep: Seipel

Public Session
  • Ridgewalk development
    • Guests: Horizon Group, Ridgewalk Jeep/Chrysler dealer — developer of the outlet shoppes
      • Proposal (part of gravel parking lot and overflow) 11acres, 8 being developed for car dealership
        • 1-2 semis a week; will not park in the pkwy
        • service bays are down a grade from side road
        • Road improvements (city is also approving work on 575 interchange)
        • Claim is 80% less traffic than big box or other usage.
        • Aug 13 or 27 in front of the council
    • Landscape
      • Common area mulch done by 7/18
      • Install dwarf Japanese maple in bed near front pool gate
    • Social Events
      • Yard of the month — ACC beginning this program
    • Tennis
      • Court 1&2 resurfaced
      • Light post repair on court 5 pending
      • Court 3&4 windscreen needs replacing
    • Clubhouse
      • Front inside clubhouse painting  – plan meeting with Amy Worley painting team to discuss scope
      • Internet issues are all fixed
    • Pool update
      • Light timers replaced
      • Pool cards — all known reported malfunctioning cards have been replaced
      • Lifeguards — no new incidents reported
      • Baby pool motor is dead; needs replacing – Est. $1,164 (approved); should be fixed by weekend.
    • Communications
      • Survey will close at end of July
    • Misc.

Executive Session

  • Legal Status report
  • Compliance report – 5 notices sent
  • Closings — 6 closings

Next HOA meeting: 8/21 @7pm

June 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Healy, Klein, Blevins, Pons, Kashani

CMA Rep: Siepel


  • Landscape
    • Playground mulch installed
    • Common area mulch to be installed over the next two weeks
    • Irrigation repairs
  • Tennis
    • Court 1&2 repair last week of June, and light post Repair
    • Court mildew cleaning
    • Lead on potential tennis coach; will meet
  • Clubhouse
    • Pressure Washing front clubhouse in next week
  • Pools
    • Met with pool company to resolve issues and deficiencies.
    • Flies – look at evergreens, spray more often during the season
    • Filters running OK
    • Front pool to be Wi-Fi AP replaced
    • Update pools sign to include CMA
    • Back pool
      • Phone outage resolved, adding line for alerts
      • Urinal remounted
      • Fountain repaired
      • Internet issue fixed

April 2018 Board Minutes

Present: Kashani, Klein, Blevins, Pons

Absent: Healy

Community rep: Seipel



  • Landscape
    • Flower installs and irrigation to begin last week of April
      • Can we add a rain sensor to irrigation?
    • ACC business
      • discussed fence issues with several properties, non-functional cars in streets, etc.
    • Tennis
      • Trainer will be away for a few weeks for Family emergency
      • Repairs: resurface $10,350 and rebase lightpost $550
    • Pool
      • Pool key deactivations begin May 1
      • Water fountain repair 4/29
      • Rear clubhouse post repair – week of 4/30, also to paint ceiling in pump room
      • Pool pump repairs
        • Bring intake up to code – $475
        • Replace filter media – $475, $650/filter
        • Replumb 4 valve system – $5,160
      • Comms
        • Survey draft approved
      • Misc
        • Mowing the fire break off Keeneland Terr. And other breaks.

Executive session

  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Closings
  • Financial

Thursday’s 4/26 HOA meeting

Will be held at the back pool, if you plan to attend.

March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Present: Healy, Kashani, Klein, Blevins

Absent: Pons

Community rep: Seipel


  • Landscape – No pressing issues – flowers in May
  • Social ­– Easter event on Calendar (Sat 24, 10am)
  • Tennis – 4 bulbs and capacitors replaced; drywall being replaced on 3/14 in tennis bathroom
  • Clubhouse – front clubhouse concepts
  • Pool – Permits paid
  • Comms – Newsletter finalizing
    • Survey – good way to get emails
    • Mini-census and copy; ages of kids and how can we approve – bb, volleyball.
  • Misc
    • Reserve study

Executive session

  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Legal

Changing paint? Adding a fence other modification – See here.

Just a reminder from the board –  with Spring upon us, many neighbors update their house paint, remove large trees, add or replace fencing and decking, replace roofs, and other architectural modifications  — all of this major work MUST be approved by your Architectural committee before work begins.

Information and forms can be found on the ARC page on the Brookshire website.


Thank you.

February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Klein, Kashani, Pons, Healey, Blevins

Community rep: Seipel

Public Session

  • Landscape – entrance cut back Loropetalum and pre-emergent
  • Social – Spring Festival Committee 4/21
  • Tennis – Restroom pipe repair scheduled for 2/8; broken net anchor
  • Clubhouse – Back remodeling; First monument on left, there is a leak not likely from irrigation; investigating; Getting cleaning bids to improve current state; back pool exterior bathrooms to get key coded handles
  • Pool — Permits received, Recommended repairs in process; need to order signs
  • Reserve study – to be emailed with


Executive session

  • ACC: Discussed Fence variance request
  • Insurance renewal
  • Compliance reports

January 2018 Board Minutes

Present: Klein, Kashani, Pons, Healey, Blevins

Community rep: Seipel

Public Session

  • United Pools
    • Sean, Kadeem –
    • Top of the tape on walkthrough inspection
      • List of requirements for opening
        • Key: additional post at back pool gate
        • High capacity stick feeder – front pool def.; needed for back, too
        • Portable stands
        • Tiered access…
        • Time changes? 11-9, 10-10wknd
        • Pool party/ice cream social as part of contract
      • Events
        • Mar 24 Easter egg hut
        • Weather permitting Tennis social
        • Spring festival
      • Clubhouses
        • Getting bids to fix broken tennis bathrooms pipe
        • Back under remodel
      • Amenities
        • Pocket park landscaping updated w/ new trees.