POA initiative

The Brookshire HOA Board is recommending that Brookshire convert from an Home Owners Association (HOA) to a Property Owner’s Association (POA).

Link to draft of amendment: amendment-poa-2016-v-1

There are minor, but powerful differences, between an HOA and POA; and little downside.  We recommend this for the following key points

  • Automatic liens on unpaid assessments or other charges
  • When 67% of the community approve on any covenant or act that is ‘restrictive’, the entire neighborhood must adhear. As it stands now, only those voting in favor are held to the covenant.
  • At a certain amount the assocation may foreclose on the property. This rarely used, but a strong deterrent.

There are other items of note.

Please read up on the act here and Pankey & Horlock (the Association’s attorneys) have provided an analysis of the benefits of a POA . You also can search Georgia Property Owner Association Act for other firms’ thoughts and information.

67% of the neighborhood’s support is required to pass the conversion. We only ask that you vote your conscience – more than anything, your input matters; not how you vote.

Click to download the POA Consent Form for your vote
(sign and return to the HOA )


Is a quorum required to pass this change?
Yes. We must get 67% approval, but there is no time frame (because of provisions in the act AND our existing covenants and bylaws)
The consent form for your vote is linked above.

Any effect on yearly assessments with a POA?

What are all the rules of a POA ?
The POA does not change the existing bylaws or covenants governing the community. Everything in your declaration and covenants will stat the same, except that we are subject to Property Owner Association act.
See the POA act information linked above.

Does converting to a POA cause leasing caps?
No. That is a separate change the board is considering and will be voted on separately. Being a POA will allow Brookshire to require compliance if passed.

If you have additional questions, please email brookshirehoa@gmail.com