Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ARC) is set up and appointed by the HOA Board to oversee and approve the applications from residents who care to make changes to their homes. They have, in the past offered good landscaping tips, pointers for making changes to your home, and recommended ways to update our rules.

We do not currently have enough volunteers for this very integral committee. If you would like to volunteer for the Architectural Control Committee, please send us an email.

Updating your home?

Making changes to your home is a great way to keep up with maintenance as well as personalize the curb appeal to your home. To ensure that you are compliant with our covenants and by-laws you must complete the following process. Failure to follow this process may result in negative action against you to restore your lot to the previous condition all at the homeowner’s expense. So plan wisely and leave yourself plenty of time to get your project approved.

To submit your application for modification of your home:

  • Print the Lot Modification Form and fill out the scope of the work
  • Attach an additional letter if needed, the more information about the project, the quicker we can respond.
  • Include a copy of your plat (if applicable for any structure, additions, hardscapes or fences)
  • Include the contractor’s estimate and any drawings
  • Pictures if available (swing sets etc)
  • Paint Swatches and Paint colors as well as the manufacturer

Once your application has been received you will receive a response within 30 days informing you of the status of your application.

Important Documents

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact

  • Community Management Associates
  • 404-835-9225