Paying your assessments

Association assessments are never escrowed by your mortgage company and the owner must make a separate payment directly to the association for their share of the common expenses.



MAIL: Brookshire Homeowners Association, c/o Homeside Properties. PO BOX 907 COMMERCE, GA 30529-0017


Online payments by e-check or credit card, either one-time or on a recurring basis:

  • Go to
    • Enter your credentials and click “Login”
      1. Ff this is your first time logging in, please visit
        and use you name, zip code and account number to complete the registration process
  • Click on “Make a payment” located under the Accounts section.
  • Follow the prompts to make either a one-time or recurring payment:
    • Each online payment transaction will be charged $2.95 convenience fee for processing
    • Credit card payment transactions will be charged $2.95 convenience fee in addition to the 3.5% merchant fee surcharge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All recurring payments process on the 5th of the month. If you have a recurring payment setup currently in place through another website or banking system, please remember to delete this once you have completed your setup through TownSq to
avoid duplicate payments.

Use YOUR BANK’S online bill pay service

  • Payments must be made payable to Brookshire Homeowners Association (not Homeside Properties).
  • If there is a change to your assessment amount, log into your bank account and edit your payment amount.
  • Include your full account number and the property address to which the payment should be applied.
  • Payment address: See above.

Payment by check via Postal Mail

  • Make check payable to your Association and include your full account number on the check.
  • Include the payment stub or coupon with your check. If the payment stub or coupon is not included, it will cause a delay in processing the payment.
  • Please allow 7 to 10 mailing days to reach the Processing Center.
    1. Late payments will have a late charge automatically generated and added to your account.
  • Mail your payment to: See above

NOTE: Payments will automatically be debited from your bank account on the second business day of the month for the regular member assessments that are due. Automatic withdrawals will continue until a written cancellation request is received.


  • Cash payments are not accepted, and we do not take payments over the phone.
  • Do not include written correspondence of any type with the payment – it will not be forwarded to our office.
  • If you own additional homes in other communities that are managed by Homeside Properties, you may add those to your initial registration. Simply login to your account, click on “Account Info” located at the top of the page on the task bar, select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Register an Additional Property” button. Once your other property(s) have been added, you may go to “My Profile” to view your other properties. Payments will not automatically split between multiple accounts. You will have to go into each account to make your payment.

ATTENTION OWNERS: Upon the sale of property in your community, Homeside Properties, Inc. typically charges two settlement fees in exchange for services performed relating to the sale: a processing fee and an account setup fee. The processing fee reimburses Homeside Properties, Inc. for information that is provided to title agents, buyers, and sellers upon request prior to settlement, including the current balance of any fees and/or assessments due to the association, general fee/assessment information (amount, frequency, due date, and identification of any late fees and/or special assessments), information regarding utilities, and disclosure of any pending litigation involving the association. Additional information may also be provided upon request, such as the association’s governing documents, budget and annual financial report, insurance information, and other general information related to the association. The amount of the processing fee varies depending upon the information requested and the turnaround time for the order. The account setup fee reimburses Homeside Properties, Inc. for services that are provided after the settlement, including closing the seller’s account, updating the records to reflect new ownership, preparing and providing a welcome package to the new owner, and providing keys, passcodes, and/or other devices for access to common areas, where applicable.