Paying Your Brookshire Assessments

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May 2022 Board meeting Minutes

Call to Order

  • Attendees: Walls, Kashani, Healy, Blevins, Heath, Chance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • April
  • Resident question
    • How to go about getting an amendment created and put to a vote for storage sheds.
    • Compliant with lack of response from calling Homeside and emails.
    • Fix POA vote link, has wrong field
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
      • Move money to reserves
      • review cashflow over next months to decide
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • Committees
    • Monument Pressure Washing completed – $1,100
    • Landscape Proposal
      • broken out in sections, can be sequences
    • Tennis Court Resurface
    • Survey Update
    • Cameras
  • New Business
    • Front Pool Fence
    • 2022 Pool Card Distribution
    • Owner Issue
    • reminders on what info and forms neighbors should have and return
    • ACC fines
    • back. pool gate needs to be self closing.
  • Adjourn

March 2022 Board Meeting

  • Attendees: Blevins, Heath, Walls, Chance
  • Call to order
  • Approval of Minutes
    • February
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
      • Removing all $5 late fees through this date due to USPS issues.
      • 8 properties sent to legal for collections
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • 2022 Pool Contract and Hours
      • Nicky awaiting revised hours from vendors
    • Front Pool Repairs
      • Can complete approved repairs by May 1 – will use Quartz additive
      • DocuSign incoming for Signature
    • Back Pool Repairs
    • Landscaping
      • Fencing quotes are pretty high; looking at spot repairs
      • Scheduling Friday for walkthrough on landscaping
      • Monument cleaning quotes
  • New Business
    • Initiation Fee Amendment Written Consent Form Mailing
      • No quorum at special meeting
      • Letter being drafted to better explain the measure
      • Will post on site with info and feedback
    • Leasing Programs – drafting letter
    • Survey
    • Men’s tennis clubhouse leak – repaired
  • Adjourn

Feb 2022 Monthly HOA Board Meeting

  • Attending:
    • In-person: Blevins, Walls, Healy, Heath, Kashani
    • Virtual: Chance
  • Call to Order
  • Open session
    • Flock
      • Neighbor 1: provided input that flock is geared for high-crime and accesible only by police. As it takes pictures it’s difficult to know which car was related, and most car break-ins are often in-neighborhood where this would not be helpful
      • Neighbor 2: feels that most issues is speeding and traffic which isn’t impacted by this measure. Doesn’t feel this is worth the expense
        • Suggests more neighborhood discussion
      • Healy: over past few years, neighbors have asked for improvements in security; provided a list of incidents pulled just from FB; we’ve taken steps to ID a solution
        • Neighbor 1: How will flock stop these from happening if ( car break-ins, mail stolen.)
      • Neighbor 3: Lived here for 6-7 years, first I’ve heard of this, I’m absolutely against this. This is not a high crime area. If I have a break-in in how does this work
        • Only viewable by the police
      • Blevins: what I’m hearing is that the folks here are more concerned with traffic and speed mitigation. “YES”
        Neighbor 4: I view this as a virtual neighborhood watch.
      • Cross-talk: still 15 if something happens and 15 cars drive by, how does that met out?
      • Neighbor 5: would this affect our neighborhood or homeowners insurance positively
    • Traffic issues from re-routing
      • Neighbor 4: what is there to be done about rerouting when bad traffic.
        • Healy: Had Public Works in last meeting to discuss options.
    • Dog park
      • Neighbor 2: Would love a fenced-in area for dogs
      • Healy: had civil engineer evaluate the wooded area near the entrance, but did not move on it. Can look into it.
    • Approval of Minutes
    • a. January – None.
  • Financial Report
    • a. Balance Sheet
    • b. Income and Expense Report
    • c. Collections Report
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • 1. 2022 Pool Contract and Hours
    • 2. Front Pool Repairs -2022
    • 3. Back Pool Repairs – 2023
    • 4. Pool Deck – 2022
    • 5. Landscaping Front Entrance Enhancement
    • 6. Basketball Court Lighting Vote
    • 7. Flock Security
  • New Business
    • Initiation Fee Amendment – Special meeting March 10.
    • Leasing Programs –
    • Owner Request
    • 2022 Pool Season/Wristbands
    • Rental fees – removed Covid cleaning fees.
  • Adjourn

DEC 2021 – Monthly Board Meeting

  • Call to Order
  • Guest- Jason Little – Landscaping
    • Laura: What is plan for the year
      • Jason: Best option to convert the north side to a Zoysia to retain the scalloped bed fill and still have turf rather than add mulch yearly. Irrigation already in place.
      • Laura: Maples roots have pushed out the beds. Sod would solve for it.
      • J: Most of the boxwood hollies have died-off – need to tear out and replace with more colorful plants. As well as some items in. the medians where we’ve trimmed back.
    • Chuck: Can we get a plan together for front and elsewhere for improvement.
      • Jason: Yes. I had done a plan a few years back. Will update and provide quote.
    • Sam: Replace boards on fence and paint; get a quote for composite; will need to have the bushes trimmed up (March-April) to allow contractor. Courts. 5-6 bushes need trim back, covering sidewalk; 3-4 has huge cypress tree needing removal.
    • Sam: Ideas for alternatives around pools (esp around artificial grass, mulch or rubber mulch)?
      • J: have you considered just pouring concrete and expanding the deck? Would be cheaper and provide more usable space .. Diamond cuts blend well. (in answer: we could use potted plants, for aesthetics)
      • Can provide some vendor ideas.
  • Approval of Minutes
    • November
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
      • Updates to the delinquencies requested will appear in next report
  • Old Business
    • POA Amendment update 41 YES / 77 NOs
      • Looking at DocuSign as an option to get feedback.
  • 2022 Pool Contract – review by next weds
  • 2021 Annual Meeting
  • Courts – Electrical Issue Update (heat?) — may be old. breakers
  • New Business
    • Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball court use by instructors. Guidelines and fees
    • Monument Clean Up
    • Front Entrance Landscaping (covered with Jason above)
    • Pools – get quotes for replacing mulch areas inside the pool with concrete, tie to resurfacing quotes
    • Chuck shared the 2022 neighborhood survey draft with the other members for review
    • Chuck to look at sales of flags
    • Chuck to reach out to woodlands HOA re pallete
  • Adjourn

2021 Annual HOA Meeting

Here’s the link to the meeting recording:
Date: Dec 20, 2021 06:46 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording

Access Passcode: 6%=wnPV$

Nov 2021 – Monthly HOA Board meeting

Call to Order 

  • Approval of Minutes 
  • Financial Report 
    • Balance Sheet 
    • Income and Expense Report 
    • Collections Report 
  • Management Report 
  • Old Business 
    • POA Amendment update 
      • Voting slow
      • Post to ask for input on how to improve response
      • Use Feb meeting (tied off survey) for hot topics before Summer; encourage votes
    • Outstanding Items for Pool 
      • Install french Drain for the back pool to solve Pergola drainage – getting quotes
      • Need to budget back pool cover for 2022, including bolts (reserve)
      • Front pool cover to be delivered in next few weeks (delay)
      • Possible use of AstroTurf in place of mulched/rocked areas — investigating with landscapers
      • Replace built-in lifeguard chairs with mobile to resolve safety and repair issues – cost ranges 90-600$
      • Country regulations require updating of no-diving tiles in pool and on deck; getting quotes, seeing if we can tie to deck refreshing or not.
        Sam reaching out to other HOAs on AstroTurf, and decking
      • Pool hours – drafting new options
      • Update reminders on rules about glass (Phones, kindle, googles, glasses) etc.
    • Outstanding Items for Landscaping 
      • front beds – get feedback from Jason on path to take.
      • Dec 8 meeting see if Jason can attend to discuss overall landscaping plan for front
    • Outstanding Items for Tennis/Pickleball Courts 
      • Solving electrical issue with 3-6 courts
    • Card system/gate issues
      • 7/8 controller not responding, 3 -6 may be tied to electrical; repair the back pool gate latch (bolted)
    • Basketball courts – get estimates for basketball courts ( seeing quotes in $7k)
  • New Business 
    • Neighborhood survey – release some time Nov – get responses through Mid-Jan
    • Solar Panels 
    • Social Events (2021-2022)
      • Cookies with Santa Sun 12/12 2-5
      • Email blast to go out; signs being posted
      • need volunteers for Easter
    • Holiday Lights 
      • Lights installed week before Xmas
    • 2021 Annual Meeting Prep 
      • 12/20 monday
      • Drafting presentation
      • Preping notification
    • Homeowner Requests
  • Adjourn

August 2021 – Monthly HOA Board meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of July Minutes
  3. Financial Report
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Income and Expense Report
    3. Collections Report
  4. Management Report
  5. Old Business
    1. Water Damage in Front Clubhouse
    2. Ceiling Repair in Back Clubhouse
    3. August Pool Schedule
  6. New Business
    1. POA Amendment (Attorney will attend)
      1. Nothing changes, just gives the board additional tools with which to mange and enforce the covenants
      2. statutory lean (happens automaticallY) — costs.
    2. Leasing Amendment (Attorney will attend)
    3. Pickleball expansion – convert 7&8 to 6 courts
    4. Cornhole – get signature tennis input on chairs/benches
    5. 2022 Budget
    6. Board member changes
      1. Steve Klein resignation
      2. Demetria Lane resignation
        1. Michael Walls replaces
  7. Adjourn

July 2021 HOA Board Meeting

Attendees: Blevins, Healy, Kashani, Chance

Call To order

Approval of minutes

Open Session


  • Acoustical tiles for sound control in the front clubhose (Raised by Joann Akins)


  • Windscreens need washing — 2/efd back tennis would; jason and weeds.
  • timeline for repainting
  • Weeds surrounding and growing into courts

Tennis (introduced by Mike Pons)

  • 5-6 windscreens (review for replace)

POA Conversion (introduced by Mike Pons)

  • Crisis with investor purchasing of homes
  • Atlanta area 70% homes are buying up home
  • How do we get people interested in POA, and discourage sales to investments
  • raise dues, such that it hurts the investment
  • coupon
  • Idea: banner for POA,
  • rental administration fees

Private session

Renters program — asses rental administrator fees

Financial Report

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income and Expense Report
  • Collections Report

Management Report

Old Business

  • Water Damage in Front Clubhouse
  • Ceiling Repair in Back Clubhouse

New Business

  • Pool
    • Repair lifeguard chair broken by diving resident – Sweetwater pricing
    • Back pool — free standing umbrella for Guard.
    • Landlines all repaired
    • Add 3x trashcans for back pool
    • Pool clean and refill
    • Roll back to original facilities rental
    • Pool party – set date
  • Communication
    • Incident reports for pools and amenities considered
  • Cornhole at back tennis court – reviewing
  • Newsletter – announcements, social committee events, etc..
  • Cameras repaired
  • Outdoor shower/women’s restroom plumbing – just needed to open valve for outside
  • POA Initiative


June 2021 – Monthly Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order
    Attendees: Klein, Kashani, Healy, Lane, Blevins
    Rep: Nicky Chance
  2. Public session
    1. City Council Zoning meeting – Board position misrepresented on apartments; Will send email to Mayor and City Council regarding Board’s positions.
    2. Facebook — Board’s official page is
    3. Pool
      1. many attendees voiced opposition to planned august pool hours and stated that board communications in this area were deficient.
      2. Board should catalog damage costs beyond operational costs as well as other related usage data to help the community understand input for decisions
      3. Poll – on pool hours
        1. Checking on costs and budget
      4. Board must work to improve pre-communication on pool hours in subsequent
    4. Cornhole group – board to review
    5. David Fige – will coordinate food trucks this summer again.
  3. Approval of Minutes – May
  4. Communications
    1. Newsletter scheduled to begin June 15.
  5. Financial Report
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Income and Expense Report
    3. Collections Report
  6. Management Report
  7. Old Business
    1. Attorney Engagement Letter – to be signed
    2. Recap of 2021 Pool Season Opening
    3. Pergolas/Fencing Update
      1. Repairs and staining completed
      2. Lights to be purchased
    4. Commercial Vehicles
      1. Legal decision sent to board
      2. Code enforcement issue on streets
  8. New Business
    1. Water Damage Estimate-Front Clubhouse – $802; getting additional estimates
    2. Ceiling Repair Estimate-Back Clubhouse – $1,089 (includes painting), getting additional estimates
    3. Owner Concerns-Executive Session
    4. Front Pool
      1. front pool landline requires repair
      2. remove old pergola lights
      3. Streetlight requires new faceplate
    5. Back pool
      1. Lifeguard umbrella for lifeguards at back pool
      2. Purchasing additional garbage cans