July 2021 HOA Board Meeting

Attendees: Blevins, Healy, Kashani, Chance

Call To order

Approval of minutes

Open Session


  • Acoustical tiles for sound control in the front clubhose (Raised by Joann Akins)


  • Windscreens need washing — 2/efd back tennis would; jason and weeds.
  • timeline for repainting
  • Weeds surrounding and growing into courts

Tennis (introduced by Mike Pons)

  • 5-6 windscreens (review for replace)

POA Conversion (introduced by Mike Pons)

  • Crisis with investor purchasing of homes
  • Atlanta area 70% homes are buying up home
  • How do we get people interested in POA, and discourage sales to investments
  • raise dues, such that it hurts the investment
  • coupon
  • Idea: banner for POA,
  • rental administration fees

Private session

Renters program — asses rental administrator fees

Financial Report

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income and Expense Report
  • Collections Report

Management Report

Old Business

  • Water Damage in Front Clubhouse
  • Ceiling Repair in Back Clubhouse

New Business

  • Pool
    • Repair lifeguard chair broken by diving resident – Sweetwater pricing
    • Back pool — free standing umbrella for Guard.
    • Landlines all repaired
    • Add 3x trashcans for back pool
    • Pool clean and refill
    • Roll back to original facilities rental
    • Pool party – set date
  • Communication
    • Incident reports for pools and amenities considered
  • Cornhole at back tennis court – reviewing
  • Newsletter – announcements, social committee events, etc..
  • Cameras repaired
  • Outdoor shower/women’s restroom plumbing – just needed to open valve for outside
  • POA Initiative


June 2021 – Monthly Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order
    Attendees: Klein, Kashani, Healy, Lane, Blevins
    Rep: Nicky Chance
  2. Public session
    1. City Council Zoning meeting – Board position misrepresented on apartments; Will send email to Mayor and City Council regarding Board’s positions.
    2. Facebook — Board’s official page is Facebook.com/BrookshireWdstk
    3. Pool
      1. many attendees voiced opposition to planned august pool hours and stated that board communications in this area were deficient.
      2. Board should catalog damage costs beyond operational costs as well as other related usage data to help the community understand input for decisions
      3. Poll – on pool hours
        1. Checking on costs and budget
      4. Board must work to improve pre-communication on pool hours in subsequent
    4. Cornhole group – board to review
    5. David Fige – will coordinate food trucks this summer again.
  3. Approval of Minutes – May
  4. Communications
    1. Newsletter scheduled to begin June 15.
  5. Financial Report
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Income and Expense Report
    3. Collections Report
  6. Management Report
  7. Old Business
    1. Attorney Engagement Letter – to be signed
    2. Recap of 2021 Pool Season Opening
    3. Pergolas/Fencing Update
      1. Repairs and staining completed
      2. Lights to be purchased
    4. Commercial Vehicles
      1. Legal decision sent to board
      2. Code enforcement issue on streets
  8. New Business
    1. Water Damage Estimate-Front Clubhouse – $802; getting additional estimates
    2. Ceiling Repair Estimate-Back Clubhouse – $1,089 (includes painting), getting additional estimates
    3. Owner Concerns-Executive Session
    4. Front Pool
      1. front pool landline requires repair
      2. remove old pergola lights
      3. Streetlight requires new faceplate
    5. Back pool
      1. Lifeguard umbrella for lifeguards at back pool
      2. Purchasing additional garbage cans

May 2021 – Monthly Board Meeting

Attendance: Healy, Kashani, Blevins, Klein, Chase

Open Session

  • Introduced Nicky Chance as new neighborhood rep.
    • Bi-Weekly visits to Inspect the neighborhood
  • A resident noted that meetings have not been starting on time with quorum and could be more organized to facilitate discussion; the board agrees and will work to remediate
  • Flags for neighborhood in before memorial day. Committee is planning on installing May 26.

Executive Session

  • Demetria Lane has agreed to lead communications for the board to residents
  • Newsletter
    • Include details on website, FaceBook, and new neighborhood manager
  • Amenities
    • Pool:
      • Signed addendum for additional guard staffing for monitoring
      • Front Pool pergola repairs and staining o be completed this week.
      • Fence posts need washing and paint
      • Chairs to be pressure washed
      • Comms to go out on wristbands
      • Schedule board walk through
    • Front clubhouse
      • Patio railings need repair – getting estimates
      • Water test for interior wall to ID leaks.
    • Back Clubhouse
      • Fix flickering light at front
      • Check water stain by chimney
    • Landscaping
      • Refresh mulch around pools
    • Tennis
      • Replacement lights are working, but warmup time is nearly an hour

February 2021 – Monthly Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum
  2. Attending: Steve Klein, Sam Kashani, Tara Healy, Chuck Blevins
  3. Approval of January 12 Meeting Minutes
  4. Public business
    1. Klein discussed neighborhood manager changes and our new rep
    2. HOA Dues late mailing – due 2/15, will be late after 3/15
    3. Resident questioned rental caps – POA is still needed
    4. Resident questioned how do we get rentals to better comply with covenants – we are fining and working to address aggressively in cases where the rental firms (or any neighbor) is avoiding compliance.
    5. New pickleball committee (see committees below)
      1. LIghting problems — center lights work; perimeter lights don’t work.
  5. Reports
    1. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Operating Balance as of December 31, 2020 – $78,210.33
      2. Reserves Balance as of December 31, 2020 – $228,379.53
    2. Communications
      1. Create 2 signs
        1. email and website
        2. Update your information
      2. Steve to write email on status
      3. Get newsletter back out by mid-march
    1. Committees
      1. Pool – discussing bids for tile repair and verifying no-diving signage
      2. Clubhouse – No update
      3. Landscaping
        1. Ant Hills
        2. Blow 7/8 courts during visit
      4. Tennis – remind teams to move clear trash from courts to main cans; remind that players are forbidden from jimmying the locks open
      5. Pickleball
        1. Based on resident requests this new committee has been created
        2. Members: Mike Walls and Linda Mumert head
        3. LInk: Brookshire pickelball fb to official
        4. generally sundays at 3
  6. Old Business
    1. Need to discuss and make a decision regarding commercial vehicles. New guidelines will need to be sent out.
    2. Need to discuss and make a decision regarding playground.
      1. review upgrade options
    3. Volo Village
    4. Letter to United
    5. General Item Notes
      1. Paint porch rails at front (get estimates)
      2. Paint black fence on AP( get estimates)
      3. Mulch for playground (wait until update)
      4. Monuments pressure wash (May)
      5. Regularly clean dumpster area
      6. Check pest control traps
      7. Storm drain at front parking lot needs repair
      8. Storm drain on AP at front needs pressure washing
      9. Portico at F and B pools need paint
      10. Missing lifesaving tools
      11. Replace tennis court squeegees as needed.
      12. Electrical in island at entrance
      13. Too dark at entrance to parking lot at front (same side as dumpster but at curb.
      14. Fencing needs repairs-tennis courts and pool
      15. Screens need replacing
      16. Clean up back pump room. Too much stored.
      17. Need to check on shelving in pump rooms
      18. Key at closet Front pool
  7. New Business
  8. Questions/Concerns?
  9. Adjournment

January 2021 – Monthly HOA Meeting

Attending: Blevins, Healy, Klein, Kashani, Porche

Association Business

  • Financials
    • Reserve: $228,379.53
    • Operating: $69,602.90
  • Budget
    • Discussed monthly financials
  • Committee Reports
    • ARC
      • Initial pre-approved roofing options have been submitted and are being evaluated by the committee
      • work continues on developing pre-approved paint pallets
    • Pool
      • Asking UPS pod to be removed from holidays
      • Bids for replacement cover of front pool (checking to see if its worth doing now or later)
      • Drain lines followup – getting quote
      • No diving tiles – Quotes
      • Covid guidlines for 2021
      • Resurface kiddie pool
      • Evaluating the update lights from 120v to LED
      • Need to discuss staffing needs early – pool monitors
    • Clubhouse
      • Homeowner complaints –
    • Landscaping
      • Bushes at the back tennis court need trimming
    • Tennis
      • back court lights fixed
  • Misc
    • Discussed identifying board member focus to assist committees and programs
    • 3-4 entrances to properties outside of the neighborhood – seeing increase in trash at those entrances will talk to owners

New Property Manager for Brookshire

To Residents of Brookshire HOA,

Happy New Years to each of you and your families. I am reaching out to inform you of some changes
that are taking place with our community here in Brookshire as it pertains to our Property Management
Company who we work with. Two years ago, we switched property management companies, from
CMA-Community Management Assoc. to our recent property management company, Homeside
Properties. During that transition and the last two years we worked with Julie Porche as our point of
contact for any communications, concerns, violations, questions on dues…. Etc. As of today we have a
new direct contact as our Property Manager with Homeside Properties. I am excited to announce and
welcome Ashleigh Ronan as our Property Manager with Homeside Properties.

Ashleigh’s contact information

  • Contact Name: Ashleigh Ronan
  • Email: aronan@homesideproperties.com
  • Phone:678-248-8820

I believe that Ashleigh Ronan is the right person for our community. Please reach out for any questions
or concerns. With that being said… I understand there has been some inquiries regarding HOA DUES.
We have an email blast going out in the next day or so and the Dues Invoice will be mailed out within
the week. We also ask for everyone to reach out and email Ashleigh with everyone’s updated contact
information. Please include Name (first and last), Address, Best Phone Number, and EMAIL ADDRESS.
This will allow us to communicate better to you. Thank you for your patience during this process and as
always, if you need anything from the Board of Directors, please contact us through
Brookshirehoa@gmail.com. We wish you all the best and healthy 2021.

Thank you,

Stephen Klein
Brookshire HOA, President

October 2020 – Monthly Board Meeting


Kashani, Healy, Klein, Blevins, Porche


  • Tennis courts
    • Pickelball – Getting a revised quote and reviewing for budgeting and timing.
    • Tennis pro – discussing additional pros
    • Courts – removed broken bench
  • Pools – inventory walkthrough with United week of 10/5
  • Signage — add signs for cards If card does not work….


  • Hunting issues in the neighborhood, issuing criminal trespass warnings, talking with DNR

HOA Monthly Meeting – June 2020

  • Call to Order – Establish Quorum
  • Approval of Minutes – May 5, 2020
  • Attendance: Julie (Phone in), Chuck, Steve, Tara, Sam
  • Association Business
    • Financials
      • Brookshire HOA – Replacement $221,002.19
      • Brookshire Operating – $262,662.83
      • Resale – Resale
        • Aging Report
  • Committee Reports
    • Tennis/Basketball
      • Can tennis drill can resume
    • Pools
      • Pressure washing furniture and deck
      • Signage to be installed by FastSigns from Alpharetta
      • Checking on the supplies for cleaning sent to Tara
      • Dumpster needs to be dumped
      • Access to be completed 6/3 –Chuck and Jeremy to meet access guys for instruction
        • can call Julie if needed
      • Email to neighbors about access and checking account
        • Residents must swipe to enter pool – will register the card. Then they must have wrist band or will be verified by spreadsheet with balances verify they can get a band
    • Clubhouse
      • not yet opening.
    • Landscaping
      • Invoice from Roots to remove the boxwoods
  • ARC Report
  • Action Items
  • Fee issues
    • 490 of 625 have paid
    • @20 payment plan
    • @80k unpaid

Gyro Chef Mediterranean @ May 27

Gyro Chef Food Truck will be at the back clubhouse tonight from 5pm-8pm. You can order until 1pm today or walk up this evening. The menu is attached and will be on the Brookshire website. 

Order online: 813-817-4661 or


Gyro Chef Mediterranean

Monthly HOA Board meeting – March 2020

Present: Klein, Healy, Blevins, Neighborhood Rep: Julie Porche

  • 6:30 pm – early open session: presentation from WPD on recent break-ins and safety
    • Lt. O’Keefe
      • Very low crimes against persons in Woodstock
      • The biggest issue on this side of the county is vehicle break-ins (85% unlocked)
        • Bored kids (flipping locks), not usually breaking windows
        • Gangs looking for guns or cash (flipping handles)
      • WPD on NextDoor
      • Tag readers (LPRs) – can rent them and place one on either side of the roads. Up to the HOAs
        • But can connect to WPD
  • Tennis pro in neighborhood
  • Joe from 360 Systems (neighborhood access control to amenities)
    • Access control systems — Brand is Expanse (Roessler company) and it’s sunset
    • cdvi adtrium — multiple panels — single db.
    • Will be coordinating walk through with Julie for Chuck and Sam