2023 March Brookshire HOA Meeting

Attendees: Walls, Heath, Kashani, Blevins, Chad White (Homeside)

Opening of meeting

Open session

Committee reports


(Diane Geeslin, Mike Walls)

  • Leylands
    • financially we need to hold off removing them
  • Jason Little proposed metal edging for beds along sidewalks and deck
    • Pricing is an issue, given other expenses
  • Landscaping lights estimate still forthcoming
    • Work order for the electrician was signed
  • Other suggestions
    • Brick wash
    • Planters along entrance
    • Something for center roundabout (like sculpture)
    • Planting of extra shrubs/boulder type things in strategic spots
  • Concerns with number of non-residents on open-play nights
    • Implemented new google-form scheduling system prioritizing residents with max
    • Resident can show w/o signing ups
  • Recommendations
    • Limited open play slots. T-R-sun afternoon
    • confusion about reservemycourt
      • Copied tennis, no more than 30 days out
  • Lights completed
  • resurfacing to be completed soon

Shelly and Matt Stevens now leading committee

Private Session


  • Chuck Blevins resigned from the Board
    • Mike Walls becomes President
    • Michael Russell joins as a member and VP


Financial report

2023 January Monthly Board Meeting

  • Attendees: Blevins, Kashani, Heath, Healy, Walls
    • Chad White, Susan Osman
  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Minutes
    • December – Approved
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • front-faucet still leaking after repair
    • Security Cameras – includes card reader – Approved w/o Pocket park
    • Back clubhouse parking lot – review for patching vs. full re-do
    • Fuse-box — need to extend hvac into that room; getting bids
  • New Business
    • Open Action Items
    • Reserve study – discuss new study
  • Adjourn

2022 December Monthly Board meeting

  • Attendees: Blevins, Kashani, Heath, Healy, Walls
    • Nicky Chance, Susen Osman, Arthur
  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Minutes
    • November – Approved
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
      • Have operating cash to roll into Reserve – will hold off until clear assessment date sent.
    • Income and Expense Report
      • Overage
        • Print
        • insurance (prop & liab)
        • pest (send out to bid as mTm contract)
        • Fence maintenace – over, but kept in Operating lGL
    • Collections Report
      • Removing 10$ or less late fees
  • Management Report
    • Working with city to address forbidden airbnbs/short term rentals
  • Old Business
    • Annual Meeting
      • Rescheduled Date –
        • Feb 6th; notice to come along with Dues info
      • Presentation Review
    • Cleaning Quotes – new cleaning company begins
    • Mens front bathroom – toilet leak; Nicky reaching out to plumber
  • New Business
    • Security Quote
      • looking at views
    • Back Clubhouse Parking Lot
    • Open Action Items
    • Fusebox
      • Both pool fuseboxes corroding from chlorine
      • Need either exhaust fan or pivot boxes (if possible)
  • Adjourn

October 2023 Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes
    a. October – no minutes
  3. Nicky gave a review of the Financial Report
    a. Balance Sheet
    b. Income and Expense Report
    1. Irrigation over budget
    2. mailing over buget
  4. Collections Report
  5. Management Report
  6. Old Business
    1. 2023 Draft Budget
      1. Passed
  7. New Business
    1. Draft email for airBNB
    1. 2022 Annual Meeting – 19 Dec 7:30pm
    2. Mitch Russel alerted that the heat at front clubhouse is not working (at least one)
    3. Front clubhouse kitchen sink faucet is leaking (handle?)
    4. Toilet Leak in mens tennis bathroom still leaking
    5. front clubhouse painting complete and walls patched
    6. When is Jason Little starting landscape lights
  8. Adjourn

Sept 2022 BOD Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order
  • Attendees: Walls, Kashani, Blevins, Healey
  • Approval of minutes – passed
  • Financial report
  • Management report
  • Old Business
    • Healey noted that Pool- dog day has volunteers will assist; Homeside will have waivers.
    • Healy: Social Committee Update
    • Kashani: Still waiting to hear back from Nicki on camera updates
    • Walls: Landscape committee
      • discussed cypress removals with Jason. Comm is suggesting we only removed the truly dead and raise the canopies. In worst case, cut them down next year
      • Need to address blind spot on island- maybe a bigger mirror in it’s place.
      • Asking about color pops in plants.
    • Healy: playground mulch has been deployed
  • New business
    • Healey: Lighting (holiday lights) – evaluating bids by two vendors.
    • Healey: Listened in on last council meeting; provided letter regarding the development at top of street. There is still rumored interest int he 6 acres for extended stay motel and liquor store.
      • May be waiting on seeing what happens with liquor store near carwash (min distance between stores)
      • Todo: Nicki to get HOA contacts for neighborhoods around ridgewalk pkwy to have a conversation about lobbying en mas
    • Walls: building sound baffles for front clubhouse install
    • Healey: Front clubhouse flooring condition and replacement timeline —

August 2022 Brookshire BOD minutes

  • Call to order
  • Approval of minutes – passed
  • Financial report
  • Management report
  • Old Business
    • Mailboxes
      • Have items posted on website and facebook with new options; adding to Homeside, too
      • Addresses of distinction has proposed street signage – will get feedback from neighbors.
    • Social Committee Update
    • Camera update
      • Price for upgrade this week
    • Electric lighting update
      • awaiting final estimate
    • Landscape committee – meets Thursday at back school
    • Still working to refresh mulch on the playground
  • New business
    • Draft 2023 budget
    • Considering neighborhood meeting with city reps to discuss needs/wants with development and representation in the city – Chuck to reach out.

July 2022 HOA Board Meeting

Attendance: Kashani, Walls, Healy, Health, Chance

Open session

  • Diane Geeslin – feedback on the Landscape refresh
    • Board agrees better communication on start date and disruption
  • Chuck reported survey results
    • Will provide a summary for neighbors to be posted online and via social
  • Chuck provided info on Addresses of Distinction, a new mailbox vendor option
    • LInks posed on Brookshirehoa.com and social, mass mailing to come.

Private Session

  • Finances – Nicky
  • Social committee – Tara
    • 2 ladies nites scheduled – bunko July 28; Winey Weds Aug 10
    • 1 mens nite scheduled – Bourbon tasting Aug 25
    • Pool party – Aug 21
    • Adult social – Oct 1
    • Dog Swim to be scheduled
  • Video – Sam
    • Estimates on upgrade and expansion – more flock owned cameras (which are expensive) current system requires wifi and closet for DV
    • Getting other vendor quotes
    • Ring installed at court bathrooms.
  • Back pool gate. – Sam
    • Still not fixed; getting them back
  • Pickelball. – Walls
    • Jr clinic had great success on Thursdays.
    • Would like to do Jr league going forward and play here.
  • AirBnb – Tara
    • considered a business from the home based on City’s determination
  • Landscape lighting bids incoming

May 2022 Board meeting Minutes

Call to Order

  • Attendees: Walls, Kashani, Healy, Blevins, Heath, Chance
  • Approval of Minutes
    • April
  • Resident question
    • How to go about getting an amendment created and put to a vote for storage sheds.
    • Compliant with lack of response from calling Homeside and emails.
    • Fix POA vote link, has wrong field
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
      • Move money to reserves
      • review cashflow over next months to decide
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • Committees
    • Monument Pressure Washing completed – $1,100
    • Landscape Proposal
      • broken out in sections, can be sequences
    • Tennis Court Resurface
    • Survey Update
    • Cameras
  • New Business
    • Front Pool Fence
    • 2022 Pool Card Distribution
    • Owner Issue
    • reminders on what info and forms neighbors should have and return
    • ACC fines
    • back. pool gate needs to be self closing.
  • Adjourn

March 2022 Board Meeting

  • Attendees: Blevins, Heath, Walls, Chance
  • Call to order
  • Approval of Minutes
    • February
  • Financial Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income and Expense Report
    • Collections Report
      • Removing all $5 late fees through this date due to USPS issues.
      • 8 properties sent to legal for collections
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • 2022 Pool Contract and Hours
      • Nicky awaiting revised hours from vendors
    • Front Pool Repairs
      • Can complete approved repairs by May 1 – will use Quartz additive
      • DocuSign incoming for Signature
    • Back Pool Repairs
    • Landscaping
      • Fencing quotes are pretty high; looking at spot repairs
      • Scheduling Friday for walkthrough on landscaping
      • Monument cleaning quotes
  • New Business
    • Initiation Fee Amendment Written Consent Form Mailing
      • No quorum at special meeting
      • Letter being drafted to better explain the measure
      • Will post on site with info and feedback
    • Leasing Programs – drafting letter
    • Survey
    • Men’s tennis clubhouse leak – repaired
  • Adjourn

Feb 2022 Monthly HOA Board Meeting

  • Attending:
    • In-person: Blevins, Walls, Healy, Heath, Kashani
    • Virtual: Chance
  • Call to Order
  • Open session
    • Flock
      • Neighbor 1: provided input that flock is geared for high-crime and accesible only by police. As it takes pictures it’s difficult to know which car was related, and most car break-ins are often in-neighborhood where this would not be helpful
      • Neighbor 2: feels that most issues is speeding and traffic which isn’t impacted by this measure. Doesn’t feel this is worth the expense
        • Suggests more neighborhood discussion
      • Healy: over past few years, neighbors have asked for improvements in security; provided a list of incidents pulled just from FB; we’ve taken steps to ID a solution
        • Neighbor 1: How will flock stop these from happening if ( car break-ins, mail stolen.)
      • Neighbor 3: Lived here for 6-7 years, first I’ve heard of this, I’m absolutely against this. This is not a high crime area. If I have a break-in in how does this work
        • Only viewable by the police
      • Blevins: what I’m hearing is that the folks here are more concerned with traffic and speed mitigation. “YES”
        Neighbor 4: I view this as a virtual neighborhood watch.
      • Cross-talk: still 15 if something happens and 15 cars drive by, how does that met out?
      • Neighbor 5: would this affect our neighborhood or homeowners insurance positively
    • Traffic issues from re-routing
      • Neighbor 4: what is there to be done about rerouting when bad traffic.
        • Healy: Had Public Works in last meeting to discuss options.
    • Dog park
      • Neighbor 2: Would love a fenced-in area for dogs
      • Healy: had civil engineer evaluate the wooded area near the entrance, but did not move on it. Can look into it.
    • Approval of Minutes
    • a. January – None.
  • Financial Report
    • a. Balance Sheet
    • b. Income and Expense Report
    • c. Collections Report
  • Management Report
  • Old Business
    • 1. 2022 Pool Contract and Hours
    • 2. Front Pool Repairs -2022
    • 3. Back Pool Repairs – 2023
    • 4. Pool Deck – 2022
    • 5. Landscaping Front Entrance Enhancement
    • 6. Basketball Court Lighting Vote
    • 7. Flock Security
  • New Business
    • Initiation Fee Amendment – Special meeting March 10.
    • Leasing Programs –
    • Owner Request
    • 2022 Pool Season/Wristbands
    • Rental fees – removed Covid cleaning fees.
  • Adjourn